Dublin based personal guiding and gillie service for Brown trout fly fishing throughout Ireland with an Irish fly-fishing champion angler.

Trout Angling in Ireland

Flies for The Irish Lough Trout.     Flies required for your trip range from the Traditional Bumbles, in Claret, Golden Olive and Olive. (sizes 12-8)
    A range of Dabblers, most importantly, Silver, Pearl, Claret and Golden Olive. (sizes 12-8).
    Other traditional patterns include Mallard & Claret, Sooty Olive, Connemara Black, Dunkeld, Black Pennell, Bibio, Cock Robin, Butcher, Peter Ross, Raymond, Invicta, Silver Invicta, Golden Olive and Fiery Brown all in sizes 10-14.
    Other flies that will be needed are Green Peter, Murrough, (both large Sedges) and Mayfly patterns.
    Also recommended are Hares ear nymphs, Buzzer imitations and a range of Dry flies.

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