A personal guide and gillie service for Brown trout fishing, on lough Sheelin, Ireland

Trout Angling in Ireland

Lough Sheelin Is the most northerly of the midland Loughs. The Lough is oval in shape covering over 4500 acres and is shallow in nature. It has a high Ph like all limestone Loughs and an abundance of insect life. Sheelin lies in a sheltered basin and is surrounded by trees so it is rarely un-fishable. There are many shoals of coarse fish fry in this lake and at times the trout feed avidly on these. Sheelin fishes well to dry flies at most times of the year. This lake also holds double figure brown trout and is possibly your best chance of catching one on the fly. The fishing season is from March 1st until October 12th. Sheelin is part of the Shannon region fisheries and as such requires a S.R.F.B. permit. (cost 37 euro.)

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